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Candice Landry

Candice Landry

Principal, Innovation Strategy

Candice Landry is Principal Innovation Strategist and founder of 10e5 Solutions.

Committed to bridging the transition from R&D to commercialization, Candice founded 10e5 Solutions, which aims to strategically position and protect intellectual property.  She advocates cross-discipline innovation and the alignment of technology and marketing to ensure long-term asset security. Dedicated to providing world-class, comprehensive IP services, Candice is a data-driven, results-oriented Trusted Advisor.

Candice has been recognized for leadership in innovation management, change implementation, and mentoring. With over 16 years of leadership experience in academia and industry, she understands how ideas become assets, and the importance of innovation strategy for the successful commercialization of new innovations. During her tenure in Upstream Oil & Gas, she served as Director of Program Management and Sr. Intellectual Asset Manager for Specialty Chemicals and Commercial Software for a Fortune 500 company.


Troy Gosney

Troy Gosney

Technical Advisor

Troy Gosney is a Technical Advisor at 10e5 Solutions.

As an tenured Patent Engineer and Sr. Intellectual Asset Manager, Troy has track record of continuous portfolio growth, high disclosure quality, and asset integrity for a top-performing Drilling & Exploration portfolio. He has trained inventors in top innovation hotspots across the globe, and has received commendations for his inventions and ingenuity.

Troy is driven to maximizing technology efficiency and asset value. His broad-range technical expertise include Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Directional Surveying, Electrical Engineering, Offshore Drilling, and Subsea Engineering.


“To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.”

-United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8Clause 8