Experience is what you need to grow your career,

but it’s one of the more elusive things to get

when you’re getting started.


Welcome to your next big career opportunity!

Internships at 10e5

Join a passionate team and have a voice in the value you will deliver.  We extend internships to seasoned academics who have an entrepreneurial mindset and who want to work on a results-oriented, data-driven team.

Diligence is a must, and creativity will also be key for all roles!

Your Collaborators & Your Project

You will work within a core team, which will function as a business unit. Together, you will shape the scope of your project and deliver your findings as a cohesive team to a panel of executives. Your team will have ongoing, immediate access to current professional business tools and technical advisors who will help with project delivery and provide coaching.

Team building events and education will be provided throughout the program. For those teams pursuing publication of their research, 10e5 will sponsor and promote the publication and presentation of your work; we always gives full credit to contributors.

Most projects require a 3-4 month commitment. An option to extend the research will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Featured benefits

  • Expansion of your professional capabilities
  • World-class mentoring
  • Team building & social events
  • Opportunities to grow your network
  • Cross-discipline, real-world experience
General Qualifications – All Roles
  1. Authentic interest in exploring various aspects of a growing, internationally-focused business that connects technology, business strategy, and legal
  2. Propensity to solve problems and answer questions with data – resourcefullydiligently, and with creative enthusiasm
  3. Strong academic performance in [science, engineering, math, law, computer science, or business] and [communications/writing, project management, marketing, tech/innovation news]
  4. Dedication to details, data quality, and communicating findings effectively (written and verbal)
  5. Track record of assuming a leadership role in a team setting, with an aptitude for collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team
  6. Motivation for personal advancement, comfortability in working in a dynamic learning environment, and fortitude to step-up to drive various aspects of a model business unit
  7. Graduate student interested in application-based experience in business, science, technology, or law
  8. College Junior or Senior -in a pre-professional degree- and planning to pursue an advanced degree
  9. Command of standard computer-based business tools, and an interest to learn new tools and methods, is required.


Location & Timing

Location: Houston & Remote/Virtual

Team Hours: M-F, Flexible @ 10-15 hrs/week (depending on how your team scopes the project)

Commitment: 3-4 months, option to extend on case-by-case basis



You can crunch the numbers with models and identify trends with context. Now you’re ready to explore and interpret real-world, full-scale data sets on a larger platform.
For those who like to answer questions with data and who want to tie together analytical research and data visualization.

You’re core science knowledge is solid, and you’re current on research, tech, and industry trends in your domain. Now you’re curiosity drives you to tie together theory and application.
For those who want to explore how new technology becomes a product while sharpening their business acumen.



With a knack for digesting complex scenario, you can tell a compelling story to different audiences. You naturally connect people and are ready take head up technical communications for a dynamic team.
For those interested in conveying how a big idea becomes a new innovation and motivated to understand how to engage markets.


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